20180312 | C plus culture Membership Apply-2018

Cplusculture Membership Apply-2018

Cplusculture Membership Apply-2018

Cplusculture Membership Apply-2018

Cplusculture Membership Apply-2018


About C PLUS Culture (CAMPOBAG)

C PLUS Culture(CAMPOBAG) 成立於2008年,提供創作者交流平台、工作坊、課程與行銷服務,讓好的想法能夠落實成為好的商業模式,協助亞洲手創品牌經營海外市場,提供延伸性的商業化服務像是跨界專案、快閃店、內容行銷與線上線下的展銷推廣。

C PLUS CULTURE (CAMPOBAG) was established in 2008 in Taiwan, providing an creative platform for creators to develop their creative brands and help them to manage their creations。The core value of C PLUS CULTURE is to turn good ideas into good business, to assist Asian handicraft brands in their management of overseas markets, and to provide extensive commercialization service Ex. crossover projects, pop- ups, content marketing, on-line & off-line sales promotion.  


Position, Mission, Vision  

C PLUS Culture 代表「CREATOR+CULTURE」,定位為亞洲創作者的共創夥伴,從手作創業角度思考,每個經營環結所會遇到的問題,創造永續發展的可能,更進一步建立屬於亞洲的手創者文化。

C PLUS CULTURE stands for「CREATOR+CULTURE」. Positioning itself as the partner of Asian creators, the company considers problems in every operational stage from a creator’s perspective, and cultivates prospects for sustainable development. Its vision is to build a handicraft culture that belongs specifically to Asia.



C+MEMBERSHIP 讓手創者、製造商與材料供應商在產銷的過程中分享專業並扮演其各自的角色,去探索跨界合作與專業分工的各種可能,透過深度交流,串聯一個具有前瞻性的的亞洲商業生態系,提供手創者一個全面性的經營藍圖,與手作創業的社會價值與意義。

C+MEMBERSHIP enables creators, manufacturers, and material suppliers to play their respective roles in the production process, while exploring possibilities for cross-industry collaboration and professional specialization. By enabling thoughtful dialogue, it is also hoped that a visionary Asian business ecosystem will materialize to provide crafters with a comprehensive operational blueprint and heighten awareness of the social values and meaning of artisan entrepreneurship.      

(二)入會資格: Qualification


Welcoming all Asian handicraft entrepreneurs to join us! (Made by hand、 Local Made 、individual mass production、customize goods) .

Brand over 3yrs or have experience of overseas marketing will be a big plus!


C+ Meet UP welcomes any style ideas or creativity in sharing, manufacturers, and material supplier are able to share their innovation and thinking in their endeavors.



A member in C+MEMBERSHIP will not only benefit from this ecosystem, but will also obtain the privilege to attend Members only events/workshops. 





Member Fee / Subscription

  • 6,300$NTD is charged per year, taxes included.
  • The deadline for annual dues is Dec. 31
  • Fee will be re-charged as each new year begins Jan.1
  • Payments accepted by credit card online / ATM





3.收到「審核成功通知信」後請填寫 Cplusculture Membership Apply2018






How to Apply

Step.1 Complete the Survey

Step 2.Wait for the membership review process (approximately one week)

Step 3.Receive a e-mail notification (only to those who are qualified)

Step 4.Complete the application form Cplusculture Membership Apply2018

Step 5.Make a payment (please refer to the above information - Subscription)

Step 6. Activate your C+ Member account

*Deadline of 2018 Membership Application: 31.Dec. 2018






⑤會員好康優惠 包括國內外展覽攤位、活動等優惠

⑥亞洲手創觀察報告一本 價值500元



  • Training workshop for overseas marketing
  • Free branding instruction &consulting service per month
  • Seasonal social meet up
  • Information to Members only events and special discount for C+ events
  • Pop up Asia Eye- observation report *1 (Worth NT500 dollars )




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