Bring Art Go
CAMPOBAG, UK June 14 to June 28 2012

Cross Cultural/Cross Discipline/Entrepreneurial Challenge/Exchange,
‘You are what you believe yourself to be’ Paul Coelho

Hosted by The London Printworks Trust, a group of 12 Taiwanese Artist and Designers will visit London to experience and exchange their entrepreneurial strengths with 12 Artists, Designers and Museums in London.

Over only 14 days this group of 24 adventurous creative’s will respond to individual and group challenges, test new markets, explore working with museum collections, find new ways of collaborating, and demonstrate how collective problem solving can create true global spirit. Famous named speakers, practical workshops, visits to markets, high end retailers, and lots of creativity will build towards Brixton Mid-Summer’s Dream, a pop up Charity catwalk, designer maker stalls and art exhibition event. Through the development of a whole series of new stories, installations and creative responses to London and the forthcoming Olympics, East will meet West to create bags of fun, lasting dialogues and present new ways to make common wealth.

The group will be facilitated by Jerry Yen and Lorna Dallas-Conte, with supporting trainers from Taiwan and the UK.


  • To provide a new opportunity for cross culture and cross discipline working to provoke new approaches to creativity and drive innovation through partnership working


  • To create a programme of relevant visits, talks and workshops in different parts of London, to provide inspiration, skills, knowledge and networking opportunities
  • To provide several selling opportunities to test products, markets and selling skills
  • To create new work for a pop up Charity fund raising event at the end of the visit
  • To encourage engagement and to document the experience through The CAMPOBAG Cultural Diary challenge


12 UK and Taiwanese Arts and Designers will work together, through a programme of activities to accelerate networking, introductions and the sharing of knowledge.

Three step process:

Bring: innovative attitude
Art: find your vocation
Go: make change happen

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how value is created and maybe mined in different cultures
  • Identifying ways to harness innovation through partnership and collaborative working
  • Testing new ways of working with others through exchange and sharing


  • Diverse opportunities for UK and Taiwanese artists and designers to test working together to create new ideas and products
  • A new event to promote cross cultural working
Victoria Beckham London Printworks Trust
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